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"Jyotish is exceptionally close to truth Don't tell lies for a long time and in the eleventh year, whatever you say will turn into reality, " is Acharya Indu Prakash Mishra's mystery equation for progress. For what reason would it be a good idea for you to connect with him?


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Day sorted out for vacations,you are likely to go on tour or a family vacation and peaceful times are fore-seen. You would want to spent some time alone thinking. You also might over spend by the mid of day. Showing gratitude towards people who love and work for you can improve things. visiting holy place can add to mental peace and satisfaction.

You are likely to receive cash by the mid of the day,friends and family will emergence have affection for you,there might be a little problem with your boss by the end of the day. Disposing off old and worn out things from your wardrobe will help you drive out negative energy around you.

A lot of things will happen today,things are going to be unexpected and sudden,they might appear negative and bad to you at first but as the great saying is, every thing happen for a good reason in the end.Getting disheartened is never an answer for anything have faith and patience.

Positivity and smile that all you are going to give around who ever well meet you will be charmed by your personality.this day, new relations for life time could be created. New business establishments can be seen. This is just the way you want.

joyful day,life will be simple and easy things will be crystal clear for you,all you need to do is follow your gut feeling. listing to others might create confusion. doing a little charity work is always good. Executing too many things at the same time is not advisable

its time for you to take break from work and spend time with family. your partner might be a little upset about you not spending time with them but the trifle is likely to fade away with surprise outing planned for them by you.

day of inspiration, you will draw inspiration from things around you,if you have keen having a troubled time, gear-up,good times are here and finally all the negativity is about to get drained out of your life.enjoy the freedom and relax.

Friends are going to be the strongest support this could be do planned outing or shopping with friends. A new love story is about to strike this day,single people should actually be happy because proposal for marriage can also e sun.

this day is going to be very fruitful and economical for you. things that have been pending for a long while suit be shorted out and reach a conclusion that is likely to be in your favor. Patience could be the key to your success.A lot of old friends and aquanauts are likely to meet up accidentally.

Day to do hard work, luck can be little problem by the end of this day,its always better to have precaution better taking than cure.Hard work is the best solution for all the problem.parents might visit might get involved into some sort of fight and your are likely to be wrong,so watch out

Relaxation is the best remedy for any stress that is surfacing up this day. Destiny has unsorted too much for you. the grass might appear greener on the other side but we all know the fact, surprise and gifts are coming along your way.

happiness is walking in your life from the very beginning of the month. good and quality limit with family after a long time now. things will be just perfect. your spirits will be held high no matter whatever happens. and this will attract a lot of people towards you.

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