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सफलता पाने के दिन (DAY FOR SUCCESS)

If you want success in life, exams, job, bu siness, married life, love marriage, family matters, or any other matters you should observe the fast of Safla Ekadashi which is very easy. Let us all observe the fast of Safla Ekadashi and nowadays it is not at all difficult because people go on diet to loose weight. So for the whole day have fruits and juices, pray to God Vishnu and make all your wishes come true. The description of the importance of Ekadashi in Krishan Paksh of the posh mass is done himself by Lord Krishna to Dharmraj Yudishtar. He says that he does not get that much satisfaction from any other yagya that he gets from Safla Ekadashi. Like its name Safla Ekadashi gives succes (Safalta) in all the work we do. Observing fast on this Ekadashi quickly gives you all the results you have been waiting for, and with this Ekadashi fast an individual can get all the happiness while he is alive and after death he will get Moksha. According to the story behind Ekadashi there was a king known as Mahisham. His elder son, Lumpak was involved in bad activities. The king punished his son and banished him from the country. Lumpak started living in forest and on the night of posh Krishna Dashmi he was not able to sleep because of the cold, by the morning Lumpak fell unconscious he woke up during the afternoon and started looking out for food. in the evening during the time of sunset he started regretting and praying to god. On the night of Ekadashi again Lumpak was not able to sleep because he was undergoing a tremendous introspection as a result Lumpak unknowingly and successfully completed the fast of Safla Ekadashi as an impact of which Lumpak got converted into a good human being and the king rewarded Lumpak by giving him all the responsibilities of the state and went away for meditation. After ruling the state Lumpak also left for meditation and after his death Lumpak was able to reach Vishnu Lok. It is also believed that all those people who are not able to keep this fast can worship Lord Vishnu, remember god while doing their regular activities during the day and can perform pooja during the evening. On the day of Ekadashi it is adviced not to eat rice, garlic, onion, chicken, mutton and not to drink alcohol.


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