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Iron Magnesium Cures Diabetes

The right amount of magnesium saves your body from diabetes. From recent study it has been concluded that those people in whose diet the quantity of magnesium is more there chances of diabetes becomes less. Eating food containing magnesium saves 10%  to 34% chances of type 2 diabetes. The lack of a hormone called insulin triggers  diabetes. According to a survey from world health organisation in the year 2025 there are chances of highest diabetes patient ie; 5 crore 70 lacs it is spreading like an epidemic in india . Every year lacs of people in India die due to diabetes, however certain eating habits and precaution can save you from such life taking diseases. Magnesium reduces the risk of diabetes in many ways. The enzymes present in our body mixes with magnesium and makes glucose in our body. Which reduces the risk of diabetes.

Researchers believe that the intake of magnesium maintains the blood sugar level in the body. Lack of magnesium in the body can cause diabetes, arthritis, and any disease related to veins. Magnesium is responsible for the activity of  enzymes in our body. Lack of magnesium impacts a lot of activity in our body. Green leafy vegetables, whole grain, walnut, peanut, almonds, cashew, soyabean, banana, khubani, pumpkin, curd, milk, Chocoloate and Tulsi contain magnesium.


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