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If kids avoid studies

If your kids avoid studies and feels laziness as soon as they sits on the study desk, what you do? Do you scold? Does it work? What if your kids brain is too active and he is unable to concentrate on his studies, what is the magical formula that can make unbelievable transformations in life? Never reproach your child excessively. Here is the small and easy formula. Try it. Take three-three leaves of Ashoka leaves and create a bandanvaar (also termed as toran) and tie a knot at the entrance of student's study room and pray to goddess for better concentration for your kid. Perform this remedy every Thursday continuously for three Thursdays. Leave the fourth Thursday and repeat the procedure. By the time you will perform this remedy for nine Thursdays, you will find a magnificent change in the behaviour of your child. Your kid will not only improve in concentration but will have sharp memory too. If your kid finds studies as monotonous, you should feed married ladies on fifth day of every month. They should also be offered sesame seeds, rice, milk and a container of desi ghee. While donating this, they should speak 'preeyataam' each time. You should keep fast for the whole year while doing this. After the year is completed, they should provide a rice filled container, white clothes, white sandal, ghanta, grains etc to the brahmins.

All those who does Saraswati pujan via this method with full faith, are blessed with sweet and pious accent, intelligence and huge source of monetary gains. If the lady does fast via this method, they become fortunate and live their life with their benevolent husbands. They never become widow.

Gayatri mantra is very auspicious however, its benefits increases multiple times when chanted by students. All those who chant this mantra 108 times every day can attain any level of knowledge with optimum ease. If students forget things very easily or can't concentrate or takes long time in retaining things, they should chant Gayatri mantra everyday to get relieved with all these issues.

On the occasion of Navaratri, one should offer 21 or 51 aahutees at the time of doing havana. The children get highly benefitted via this ritual ceremony. Their retention span increases and they become highly gifted with wisdom. By doing this even the most foolish and stupid students have been seen turning into highly intellectual personalities. They

should recite following mantra at the time of havan and offering aahutees.-

“Om gam gam gam garpatye namah”

Followed by this, they should chant sarasvatya mantra.

They should chew betel leaves after putting one clove in it.

One should never touch his head with unwashed mouth after eating food. It strongly hampers mental development. Cough and cold also strongly interferes with brain development.

Those who suffer from weak retaining powers should do 'abhishek' of lord Ganesha with jaggery and water. It helps in memorising things very fast.

Students should chant following mantra and should concentrate on the picture of lord Ganesha. They can also concentrate by focussing on 'Om' at the centre of forehead. They can also chant the mantra-“Om gam gam gam garpatyeh namah”

After chanting this mantra within, if the student finds the examination paper to be easy, they should start writing the paper immediately, however if the paper is difficult, they should touch their tongue on the talu. After this, they will find even the toughest paper as an easy one. This remedy will help them in scoring high grades.

One should take cashew nuts and honey in mouth and chew well. This works as a magic. Adults should not take more than 3 cashew nuts while young ones should take only 3 cashew nuts in a day. Before going for examination, students should touch tongue on Talu for some time. It is a good remedy for creating mental balance and retaining answers.

Students should always take light meals. It helps them in keeping diseases away. Better digested food is better than heavy meals. Students should focus more on getting the nutrients rather than judging the food with the amount.

“ Kaak cheshta bako dhyana, shwaan nidra tathev cha”

“Alpahari grah tyagi, vidyarthi pancha lakshana”.


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