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It's common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrology.

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The couple should not do love making on Saturdays and Amavasya. It creates conflict for unnecessary reasons. However, if Purnima falls on any Friday, it is considered very auspicious. It boosts affection and intimacy between the couple. One should wear white clothes and offer red roses or scented perfumes of jasmine in the temple and pray for the success of their love. If the prayer is performed with full faith, one will get the desired result for sure.

The person should chant following mantra-

“Om Kleem namah”

This mantra increases magnetism in one's personality along with giving other sexual benefits.

However, attraction is increased in one's personality by chanting following mantra too-

“Om kleem krishnaygopijan vallabhay swaha”

In our culture, kaamdev is considered as the god of love, beauty and sex. For this reason, his importance has been cited for love making everywhere and he is praised. By chanting 'Kaamdev Vashikaran mantra' , one can get heights of success in love making. It does not harm anyone.

The mantras are –

“Om namah kaamdevay”

“Sahkal sahdrashsahamsah liye vanhe dhoonan janamamdarshan utkanthitam kuru kuru daksh dakshu dhar kusum varen han han swaha”

If one recites this mantra for at least 108 times three times in a day for one month, anyone can attain success in getting desired partner for love making. Its because you attain siddhi this way. After mantra siddhi, when you have a look at anyone with the relevant intention, that person comes under your control and influence.


If you want to increase your influential powers, keep a feather of peacock after tying it in silken cloth and keep it in your pocket.

By applying the tilak of roots of 'Swet apamarg' on your forehead, you can increase hypnotising powers radically.

Ladies should apply a 'bindi' in the mid of the forehead and concentrate over there for some time. After some time if they can see that bindi with even closed eyes, it is an indication that their hypnotising powers are increasing.

On Thursdays, the main roots of banana tree should be grinded with vermillion and applied on the forehead to increase the attraction in one's persona.

One can also increase magnetism in his personality after keeping some marigold flowers in the plate and then sprinkling some turmeric powder on it. Thereafter, these flowers should be grinded with Ganga jal and then applied on the forehead.


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