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Divine Names Of Krishna


Janmashtami, the famous Hindu festival is celebrated on the occasion of the birth of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is considered to be hero, leader, protector, teacher and also friend among his devotees. Celebrated in the month of August or September, Janmashtami falls on the eighth day or Ashtami in the month of Bhadon according to the Hindu calendar. This festival is also popularly known as Krishnasthami and Gokulasthami.It is believed the day Lord Krishna were born, a lot of miracles happened.

History attached with birth of Lord Krishna :

Lord Krishna were born in prison because his father and mother were imprisoned y his uncle .His uncle Kansa believed that Vasudeva and Deviki’s (Kansa sister) eighth baby would kill him .That’s the reason why they were imprisoned by Kansa and as soon as their baby was born kansa killed them .This continued till seven children .On the day, when Lord Krishna was born, The locks of the prison door opened with miracle .Each and every guard fell deep in sleep and Vasudeva, father of Lord Krishna managed to sneak out the baby born .It was raining heavily on that night but still Vasudeva managed taking baby Krishna to house of Nandagopal who stayed in Gokul. He brought a baby girl in exchange of baby Krishna and once he got back everything got back to normal. The prisons got locked ,the soldiers got awake and chain that were tied to Vasudeva also got in place .In such miracle Lord Krishna were born and it is said that a snake helped Vasudeva in taking the baby to gokul, amidst heavy rain and thunders. Nandgopal and Yashoda becomes foster parent of Lord Krishna and Lord Krishna is famous as Yashoda’s son. The baby girl got disappeared when Kansa tried to kill her and it is believed that Goddess came in the form of baby girl in order to save Lord Krishna.

Places associated with Lord Krishna :

Matura that is believed to be the birth place of Lord Krishna and VrindavanDwaraka, the other places related popularity with Lord Krishna, come alive during this festival. In these places, Janmashtami is celebrated in full spirits with passion and heartiness. These places get filled with devotees during the period of this festival.


The houses of devotees and the temples are decorated beautifully and illuminated with numerous lights. Devotees all across the world worship the baby idol of Lord Krishna . The prayers are offered till late night as Lord Krishna was born at 12 at night. This festival is celebrated for three consecutive days. The very famous Dahi Handi procession is carried on that is very popular amongst youth. To recreate the life of Lord Krishna and depict about the history associated, religious plays are organized, popularity termed as Raaslilas.

Prayers are offered all night long , and as the time turns to 12 in the night, the idol of baby Lord Krishna , famous as Bal Krishna , is bath with holy water of the Gangas river, curd, milk, honey and ghee (Panchamrit) and then placed on cradle .A number of people keep fast on this day and intake food only after the prayers are offered .This fast is believed to be kept to get sons like Lord Krishna.


Lord Krishna is known by many names in the various hindu documents. Each name has its own significance. Some of the names are listed below:

  • Krishna
  • Jagannath
  • Parampurush
  • Dwarkadhish
  • Vasudev
  • Devki Nandan
  • Govinda
  • Gopal
  • Parthasarthi
  • Muralidhar
  • Mathura Naresh
  • Damodar
  • Niranjan
  • Sanatan
  • Anant
  • Ajay
  • Murari
  • KamalNath
  • Punya
  • Lila-Manush-Vigraha
  • Shrivastav Kausthuba-Dharya
  • Yudhishthira pratishthatre
  • Sarvagraha Rupine
  • Dayanidhaye
  • Sarvabhutat makaya
  • Jalakrida samashaka gopi vastra pararakaya
  • Parabrahmane
  • Barhi Barhavatamsakaye
  • Pannagashana vahanaya


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