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Stop killing journalists

In India, the media is said to be the fourth pillar of the Constitution, still, the saviours of this pillar are shot, killed by stabbing, such killing of the fourth pillar of the Constitution, is like the murdering of the truth of the media, and the freedom of expression. Cannot understand, the administration cannot take strict action against them, they are either released either after paying some penalty or on bail in the name of punishment, which is leading to the increase in the courage of the criminals. According to a report of the international organization "Committee to Protect Journalists", 91 journalists have been killed since 1992 in the country so far. But the shocking thing is that in only 4% of these cases, justice could be delivered. Of these 91 reporters, 88% were connected to the print media and 12% from TV journalism. In India, there has been a huge increase in the past few years in the attempting to attack and killing of journalists. Therefore, the Press Council of India has also demanded immediate action against the journalists' killing. According to a report of 42 pages of "Committee to Protect Journalists", there is no complete and fool proof security available to journalists in India, today. It has also been mentioned in this report that from 1992 to 2016, 27 such cases have been reported in India, where journalists were killed for their work. But even in any one of the cases the accused did not get punishment or we can say, could not get punishment. More than 50% of all the 27 journalists were working on matters related to corruption. Much before the report of the “Committee to Protect Journalists” (2015), the Press Council of India had said that "anyone who is allegedly behind the killing of journalists, is released without being punished with any sentence" The organization, press freedom, also mentioned the death of three Indian journalists Jagendra Singh, Akshay Singh and Umesh Rajput in the years between 2011 and 2015. Along with that pharmacy council of India also sought for a new and strict law, in the Parliament, to provide security to Indian journalists. There are no two opinions, regarding the media being the best friend of the common man. It tells us what is going on in the country and the world, what is wrong, what is right. Media is the medium which carries the voice of a common man to reach out to the big leaders, sitting on the government's big positions, but we gravely condemn the continuously increasing murders of journalists. We think that in this matter, the government should take some tough steps as soon as possible. Such as to make some tough laws for the protection of journalists, to strictly punish the guilty, to provide complete and fool proof security to the journalists etc.


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