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It's common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrology.

Acharya Indu prakash


To remove negative energy from home, add 5 grams of asafoetida, 5 grams of black pepper and 5 grams of camphor, thengrind them to make powder. Then, from that powder, make tiny pills,the size of mustard. Divide these pills into two halves, burn one part in the morning and the other in the evening, inside the house. Follow this for three days.

If you want a transfer to the place of your choice, then on any Friday, while seeing moon, encircle a white White Barfi or some Curd, seven times around your head, and simultaneously, pray to the Lord Moon, taking the name of your favourite place for transfer, and give the offering of water while praying. This procedure should be done at such a place, where nobody can see you. Then next day, before Sunrise, keep that White Barfi or the Curd at any road crossing.

People who are often under the burden continuous of debt, and are unable in repaying the debt, they should get Copper Nails hammered on their Bed, on the side, where they keep the pillow. They should sleep, with their feet facing the West. They should plant Potato / Amla (Amlica Embilicus) plants. They should sing the hyms of Rinmochak Mangal (Destroying the Debts ) or Rinmochak Ganesh Stotra, everyday.

To protect the house from an Evil Eye, one should definitely plant a Coriander plant in the house. Henna (Mehendi)  outside the house or the Root of Henna inside the house, help keep  away the Negative Energy, Bad Vibes, Evil Eye and Unacquainted Powers.


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