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Start New Year In New Way

Be better than last year and be happy

How fast did this New Year pass? Did not even get to know, when the summer went by, and the winter arrived. Everyone must have experienced many a joy and sorrows this year. The dreams of many people would have been realised and the dreams of many, would have been unaccomplished, and still, some people, might be running here and there, working hard to accomplish their dreams. This is the irony of Humans, they have to fulfil so many dreams, in such a short span of time, so they have to constantly keep working on it, but in the last months of this year, we are going to give you some useful tips, that if you follow, these tips, then the coming New Year will be better than 2017 in every way.

Yoga- India has given a gift of Yoga, free of cost, to the whole world. The Mind gets sharp, by doing meditation, the capacity to work increases and the body remains healthy, which increases our strength manifold, to face every challenge we face, so after waking up every day, in the morning, one should do Yoga for at least 30 minutes.. Try to Learn- If someone tries to teach us something, we do not like it at all, because we do not like anything which hurts our ego but in this coming year you will have to forget that who is teaching you and what is your relation with that person, You should engross your complete undivided attention, in learning. Make new friends- Yes, when you make new friends, you get a golden opportunity to share your thoughts and point of view, you can go to travel with them which will help you relax and lessen your fatigue, if we do something wrong then it is only the friend, who understands us. Search for happiness in small things- We all know that every body has a limited time, even then, instead of understanding the importance of time, we waste it in quarrelling and fighting. We should speak with everyone with love and affection, instead of fighting over trivial issues, we should find happiness in them so that we can stay happy and spread happiness to others too. Bringing a smile on someone's face is one of the most difficult things in the world, so whenever you succeed in bringing a smile on someone's face, you should understand and be proud that you have done a virtuous deed.

Help the poor- If you have more than your requirement, then you must share with those people who have a dire need of that thing. There is nothing more virtuous than helping the needy. If you see anyone hungry, whether it is a person or an animal, if you have the ability to give something to them, then you must give it. Doing this act of benevolence will make your inner self, a different feeling of satisfaction and peace which can never be purchased with money. Take care of health– Nowadays, due the hectic pace of life, it is very common today that the health gets affected and spoilt, everyone likes to eat outside, everyone is fond of fried food and spicy food, one, who does not eat all this, falls prey to sickness due to the lack of nutrients in the food, pollution, and adulteration in everything. Therefore, in the coming year i.e. in 2018, you must make the promise of doing yoga, going to the gym or going for a walk every day in the morning regularly, without fail. Believe you me, this small step that can make your life much happier. Renounce Bad Habits- There can be many, and many types of Bad habits, like regular drinking, smoking, consumption of tobacco, gambling, beating women, having bad thoughts for everyone and saying bad words to everyone. If you have any one of such bad habits, then you need to get rid of it. Try this, and you will notice, that the people around you, and you, yourself will like it and this in turn will help increase your respect amongst the people around you. And finally, in the end to sum it up, we would like to say - speak gently, forgive others, just as you forgive your self, try to make the world a better and lovelier place and share love and affection, as much as possible.


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