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The pradosh vrat falls twice in a month- one in the shukla paksh and the other one in the Krishna paksha. If the day falls on Monday on a trayodshi date, it is termed as 'Som-pradosh fast' or 'som pradosh vrat'. However, if the day falls on a Tuesday, it is termed as 'bhom pradosh fast'. Apart from both these pradosh vrats, the day falling on Saturday has its own significance and is termed as 'shani pradosh vrat'.

Lord shani is one among all the deities of navgrah. His anger is well known. However, if one keeps a fast of 'Shani Pradosh' , lord shani offers his blessings  and maintains his calm on that individual. Those who are under the influence of 'Sadhesati' or 'Dhayya' , they should definitely keep a fast of 'shani pradosh'. This remedy not only decreases the intensity of problems raised by the bad influence of shani but the individual gets blessings of shani too. The individual can fulfil all his wishes. He should donate items of shani like iron, sesame , mustard oil, , black urad , black blankets,  carbon or coal and light a deepak of mustard oil by visiting the temple on Saturday. Keeping a fast on this day is considered very auspicious as lord Shani eradicates all the hindrances from the individual's life making him happy.

Our shastra says that all those who are facing issues with giving birth to a child should have fasting on shani pradosh . This fast offers immediate results blessing the individual. The couple should take bath early in the morning and thereafter praise God Shiva, Goddess Parvati and shri Ganesh. Doing abhishek on shivling is also highly beneficial. Followed by that, they should visit some pepal tree and offer jal . The couple should keep a fast for the whole day. Grains and water are strictly

prohibited. If all these measures are religiously performed, the couple is definitely blessed with a healthy child.

Mahamrityunjaya mantra when chanted on this day offers results thousands time. One should also go through the story of pradosh vrat and apply bhabhoot after the puja is over. According to shastras if one follows all these steps religiously, his all sufferings came to an end and his wishes are fulfilled.

STORY In an ancient time, there was a rich man living a in a city. He had all kinds of amenities at his home, but he had no child. This was the biggest reason for his sorrow. After thinking a lot, both husband and wife left for pilgrimage. Meanwhile their business was being handled by their servants. As they came out of their city, they met a saint who was meditating. Both of them thought to seek the blessings of the saint and then move ahead for their journey. When saint opened his eyes, he said-“ I know why you have been sitting for so long. I also know your purpose of sitting. He suggested them to keep a fast of 'Shani pradosh'. The saint told them the entire procedure. Thereafter they left for the pilgrimage.

After the couple came back from the tour, they kept the fast together.  As a result they both were blessed with a son.

If the person keeps a fast on Sunday, he is blessed with good health.

If the person fasts on Monday, he is blessed with desired wishes.

By keeping fast on Tuesday, one gets relieved from long illness. He is sanctified with great health.

Fasting on Wednesday, all wishes come true.

Thursday fasting destroys the power of enemies.

Friday fasting enhances the fortune.

Saturday fasting blesses the couple with son.

Whatever your wishes are, choose a fasting day and read the relevant 'Shani vrat story' accordingly.


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