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According to our old scriptures, on the seventh day of magh shukla paksha, 'Aarogya Saptami' is celebrated. People have a belief that deity sun is the reason behind it. It has illuminated the entire world with its brightness and radiance. This is the reason that this saptami is also celebrated as 'Surya Jayanti'. The worshippers can get exalted with son, well-being, good health, high spirits and monetary gains.

'Rath Aarogya Saptami' is considered significant as it keeps an individual healthy and wealthy. Life is not possible without sunlight. The rays of sun are a potent source of Vitamin D'. According to scientists, the sunrays have many other remarkable properties too. Many patients are treated via 'Surya Chikitsa' especially in the form of Ayurvedic treatment or as naturopathy. All those who suffer from weakness, bone issues, joint ailments or joint pain can get benefitted by praising and revering deity Sun. Sunrays have amazing properties of killing germs. Those who worship Sun with face towards east get free from various skin ailments. Those who want to have a baby boy should also worship the deity on this day by keeping fast. If you worship the lord with full faith and devotion, the affection between son and father can be enhanced.

'Maagh Shukla Saptami is considered equivalent to 'Surya Grahan'. Those who take bath during early sunrise get thousand times benefits. If the 'Maaghshukla Saptami' falls on two days, the devotee should consider first day for taking bath. All those who take bath for the entire month of 'Maagh' should take bath after the very first rays of sun rise only. Those who are taking bath during 'Bhanu Saptami' should take bath after sunrise only. It is considered very auspicious for those who give 'jal' to the rising sun. Surya should be praised with complete faith and devotion. There after one should chant surya mantra for 108 times.

Surya mantra is-

“Om ghrini Suryay namaroo”


“Om suryay namah”

You can also go through the sacred grantha called 'Aaditya Hridaya srotra'.

Maaghshukla saptami if falls in Prayaag is considered equivalent to crores of Surya Grahanas. By taking bath in the holy river Ganges and offering jal to surya, one is blessed with longevity, good health, high spirits and loads of money along with paternal property. Before taking bath in the river, one should take 7 oak leaves (aak ke patte)  and 7 jujube    (ber ) leaves. These should be kept in a Deepak which is with kusambha batti. It should be kept on the head and meditation should be done for lord sun. Thereby the water should be stirred with sugarcane and deepak should be floated in the river. According to devdaas, you can also keep 7 oak leaves instead of deepak and then stir river water with sugarcane. Recite following mantra after that-

“Namaste rudrarupay rasanam patyeh namah. Varunaaya namastetsu”

Followed by float the deepak in the river water

Recite following mantra after wards-

“Yad yajjanmkritam paapam yachcha janmanatara arjitam manowakkyajam yachcha gyaamtagyaate cha yae punah”

“Iti saptadidham paapam snanate  saptsaptike . Saptavyadhi samakirnam hara bhaskari saptami”

Chant these mantras and watch Keshava and Sun. Add Ganga jal and charamrita in your bathing water and take bath. It will wash all your sins.

Thereafter add jal in aardhya , fragrance, aakshat, flowers, durva,7 aarka patra and 7 badri patra and chant following mantra-

For Sun, recite the mantra-

“Saptasaptivah preet saptalokpradeeppan. Saptmya sahito dev grihanardhya divakar”

Offer ardhya to saptami by reciting following mantra-

“Janani sarvalokanam saptamisaptsaptike. Saptavyahati ke devi Namaste suryamanale”

You should go for tilak daan after performing all your daily duties and write aashta dal with sandal. You should also offer donations to Brahmans. You should write ashta dal on all the eight corners- Shiva, Ravi, Shiv, Bhaanu, Vevsvat, Bhaaskar, Sahastra Kiran and Sarvatma. Worship the deity step by step and perform shodshopchar pujan. Put kaanchan karnabharan ghee, jaggery and sesame in a tamarind bowl and cover it with red coloured cloth and adorn it with scent and fragrant flowers.

Recite the mantra there after-

“Aadityasya prasaaden praatah snanfalen cha. Dushtardurbhagya doohkhgnam maya dataam tu taalkam”

On the auspicious day of “Bhanu Saptami”, after performing all the daily duties, try visiting Surya temple in your nearby area. Sit for sometime over there. If possible, establish a golden idol in the mid of 'Aashta kamala'.

Recite the mantra thereafter and do sankalp

“Mam aakhilkaamna siddhyertha suryanarayanpreetaye ch suryapujanam  karishye”


“Om suryaye namah or go through the purush suktadi and do aahvaan etc and shodshopachar pujan”

Use seasonal  leaves, flowers, fruits, kheer, maalpua, pulses, rice or curd equipped delicious dishes and  do aahwahan for lord sun to sit in the highly beautiful and ornamented rath while praise his glory. Gather as many devotees as you can and go through the whole city taking round.Go for a rath yatra. Once done, establish the idol on the best suited place. Feed brahmana with gourmet kheer and you yourself eat at the end before the sunset. Avoid eating oil and lavana on that day.

Try donating to handicapped, poor people and brahmans according to your calibre. You can donate clothes, food or other necessary items to the needy people too.

The story of 'Aarogya vrat saptami' is also related with the seventh day of shukla paksha of maagh month. According to the story, the son of Shri Krishna was very arrogant and proud about his physical strength. Once, rishi Durvasa visited the place of Shri Krishna. The rishi was very aggressive by nature. Everyone was well aware of his anger. But Shamb was not aware of his anger. Durvasa rishi use to meditate a lot. Rishi Durvasa had come after a long time of tapasya to meet Shri Krishna and hence he turned very weak . When he saw the rishi in such a physical state, he started laughing loudly. . When rishi Durvasa came to know about the reason, he became angry and he desecrated him with leprosy. His words came into immediate effect and no vaidya could treat him. When Shri Krishna came to know about the situation, he told Shamb to pray lord Sun. Shamb obeyed his father and became free from the leprosy thereafter.

There is one more story associated with 'Arogya saptami vrat'. According to this story, in the sixth century, there was a poet in the kingdom of 'Samraat Harshvardhan'. His name was Mayur Bhatt. Mayur Bhatt was the patient of leprosy. After he became infected, he wrote 'Surya Saptak' and as his writing came to an end, lord sun became happy and made him free from this disease.

You can also worship Surya with other names of 'Surya Sapatami' and get blessed with a healthy body. Its description can be easily seen in details in our holy scriptures like Vedas, Puranas, Yog Shastras etc. The blessings of Surya are always advantageous in getting best health benefits. Surya Saptami is known by different names like- 'Magh Shukla paksh  saptami', 'Achal Saptami', 'Surya rath Saptami', 'Aarogya Saptami' etc.


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