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About Acharya Indu Prakash
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Acharya Indu prakash Misra is a known and an expert astrologer. He has been the presenter of “Bhavisyavani” ----- An astrological show on India TV since 29 May 2007. He has done Hundreds of Live TV Astrological Shows with so many Bollywood Stars, Play Back Singers Political, Social, Religious and other celebrities. Acharya ji did his post school education from Allahbad University. He is a PG from rastriya sanskrit Sansthan and has been awared with the title of " MAHAMAHOPADYAYA" by the four shankracharya's for his enormous knowlege in the field of astrology and occult Sciences . He is Doctorate in Samudriki (Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Vastu, Sharir Lakshan Vigyaan, Swapn Vichaar, Dishaa Vigyaan, Vaayu Vigyaan etc.)

Born and brought up in a Hindu Brahmin Family , he had been close to god from a very young age. He took his spritual guidence from Swami Ramlochan Swaroop Brahmachari. He has been Associated with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Achaarya Rajnish and Shri Ram Chandra-Babu ji Maharaj.He is delivering Astro-pridiction since his childhood.He is a Torch Bearer of Vedik Gyaan of our Holy saints and Maharishis since 30 years.And He is delivering Astro-Predictions and other devotional shows since last five years.

He is surely a neo astrologer , who moves with the generation and lifestyle of todays generation. Through Television he has changed Lifes of several people and helped them in stepping a little closer to Success . Acharya Indu Prakash Ji is known For his simple and easy remedies , which can easly be implemented and followed in day to day life. Acharya Ji has a vast and immense Knowledge of Astrology and other occult sciences . He believes in solving a problem in as simple way   as possible.

People who have know Acharya Ji from his childhood say that , he had intutive powers even as a young boy. But to this Acharya Ji gives a simple reason ----------“ Astrology is a science , the more you read the wiser you get”.

According to Acharya Ji  the secret formula for success is " Jyotish is very near to truth. don't tell lies for 10 years and 11th year whatever you will say will become the truth. Astrology is not mere calculation , it is a combination of jyotish knowledge and spiritual consciousness. It's a devotion " ......

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