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Yantra | Rudraksh | Vedic Mantra | Rashifal | Horoscope
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Sometimes our efforts are just not enough to reach thr desired goals this can be done by using a little help from god. Apart from gems , Rudraksh and pooja Yantra’s are one of the other strong method to gain luck and success.

Yantra or so called as machine in English. Yantra is a Sanskrit word that is derived from the root yam meaning to control . Yantra’s basically help you to control way of leading life.


Yantra is a numeric combinatin coded with an order to invite cosmic energy for an individual to generate a ceratin attitude to attain success in a particular direction or to restrain certain negativity from entering day to day life of an individual.

In a yantra certain numbers are written in a certain order to attain certain results.

These numbers are code words for example no 7 means saptrishi (the seven holy sages)

Every part of Yantra is been offered a certain pooja to create a different energy pattern in that part.

All the parts of yantra - after pooja create a certain energy pattern which effects the mind and body co-ordination of the person ; who wears it around the neck or as directed ; to create a  necessary attitude for success in a particular walk of life or purpose.

Key to success of a yantra lies in the knowledge and excercise of correct decoding of correct mantra on correct time and the pious approach while preparing the yantra use of correct metal with certain yantra has also some role but size of yantra has no role other than in case f pyramide or some specific yantras.

Yantra’s Provided

  1. Surya Yantra
  2. Chandra Yantra (built on silver)
  3. Mangal Yantra (built on copper)
  4. Buddha Yantra (built on silver)
  5. Brahspat/Guru Yantra (built on gold or silver)
  6. Navagrah yantra
  7. Mahamrituinja /Rog Nivaran Yantra
  8. Shri Durgabisa Yantra (built on silver or gold polish)
  9. Shri Saubhagyabisa Yantra
  10. Santan Sukh Yantra
  11. Kuber Yantra
  12. Paddonnati Yantra
  13. Vidya Prapti Yantra
  14. Rinn (debt) Mochak Yantra
  15. Vijay Yantra
  16. Amoghbisa Yantra
  17. Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra
  18. Tantra Raksha Yantra
Note : The cost fo each yantra depends the amount of mantra’s enchanted on the matra’s.

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