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Harshal is entering in Aries - 07 April
अनुवाद उपलब्ध नहीं है |

Harshal is entering in Aries

On 7th April, Harshal is making its entry into Aries. It will stay in this condition till May 2024. It means it will

stay there for approximately 7 years in this zodiac sign. Whatever zodiac sign it enters, it brings sudden

changes there.


Harshal is one of the chief planets that is considered even stronger than Saturn in terms of power and spreading negative energy. It is termed as Uranus in English. This is the planet that belongs to class of Sun. It revolves around Sun in its 7th class. It completes one revolution around the Sun in 84 years. It means that it spends approximately 7 years in each zodiac sign in 12 planets. This year it is making its entry on 7th April in Aries. Whichever zodiac sign it enters, it brings huge and sudden transformation for those people. This year, the planet indicates that it will bring major changes in political conditions and spiritual thoughts.  Harshal is considered auspicious for thinkers, researchers and psychologists. It offers great energy to all making them strong from inside. It even converts a culprit into a sage and vice versa. It influences relations negatively. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius become highly strong zodiac signs with its entry while Aries and Taurus are negatively influenced with its entry. It offers dangerous results when it makes its entry into any zodiac sign. In all, the planet Harshal offers mixed results, both good and bad in various conditions.

The effect of Harshal in 12 dwadash bhavs- If Harshal is present in first bhav, then the individual is very selfish and self centred. Whatever field individuals make their entry or wherever they live, they behave like a leader or try to command other people and dominate the surroundings. They strive continuously to make their future bright. People under the influence of Harshal become unusually strong from inside and develop scientific attitude too. They are always interested in inventing new technologies.

If Harshal is present in second bhav- There is a strong change in financial conditions of people. Financial conditions stay very uncertain. Even if money flows to an individual, it goes off automatically and suddenly too. These people make huge gains through electronic equipments and scientific modes. However these people spend unusually high on their friends and organised groups. In total, it denotes only one thing that it is accountable for unusual expenditure in second bhav. It does not allow finances to become strong. It is responsible for useless expenses. The presence of Harshal in this bhav affects an individual's thoughts; however their objectives are little deviated from the normal. Their potentials, talents and intelligence do not get developed too much.

The presence of Harshal in third bhav- Makes an individual lives freely and has high moral values and thoughts. Such people are rebellions and have an aggressive attitude. They keep looking for friends and want to live with intellectual people. They are also willing to work in groups. They are highly active on social media networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. All these people have Harshal in their third bhav.

The presence of Harshal in fourth bhav- Brings continuous changes in family conditions. Such people are usually looking for happiness and luxuries and for that they can even get separated from their family. Because of such behaviour, the family life of such persons becomes abnormal and they behave like family member with their closest friends only. On the other hand, they do not live a normal and casual homely life.

The presence of Harshal in fifth bhav- Makes an individual creative. He keeps inventing and discovering new and innovative things. Such bhav is usually found in the horoscope of Rockstars and Musicians. Such people give complete freedom to their kids. Such people have intelligent and talented children too. However, the habit of gambling and staying active in share market devastates their future badly. Hence, it is suggested that they should never involve themselves in such activities.

The presence of Harshal in sixth bhav- Makes them ill suddenly. If any disease in persisting in their life for long duration, it goes off automatically too. They are successful in getting employment after long endeavours. They are considered good supporters for people working in advanced technologies, electronic engineering and technicians. They are also good supporters of researchers or mathematicians. They do not want to get ruled or invigilated by anyone. They love to work freely.

The presence of Harshal in seventh bhav- Brings great and sudden changes in relationships. Relations are formed and broken suddenly. The presence of Harshal brings sudden proposals for marriage and people get married quickly too. However later on they may have to regret too. Many cases of divorces have also been seen. Hence during the presence of Harshal in seventh bhav, people should stay careful in regards of marriage and relationships. Furthermore, these people expect too much from others too. For this reason, they should never work in partnership as they stay unsuccessful in partnership business.

When Harshal is present in eighth bhav- People are surrounded by trivial issues all the time. All of a sudden death, unusual partiality, sudden genetic diseases has also been seen among the individuals affected by presence of Harshal in eighth bhav. Such people always face issues related with property.

When Harshal is present in ninth bhav- People are inclined towards spiritual activities and stays away from Rahu traditions. It generates good values among them. Such people even turn aggressive and stand against traditional religions and beliefs on occasions. They are willing to become future tellers and astrologers. Presence of Harshal in ninth bhav is usually seen in the horoscope of astrologers. Such people travel to pilgrimage places or are associated with religious tours and travels often.

The presence of Harshal in tenth bhav- Is good for the natives. In tenth bhav, it makes people change their occupations frequently. Apart from that it is also seen that their standard of living keeps changing often. Their image is revealed as a huge hearted minister in public when seen in political context. These people have rebellion attitude and have a strong determination to perform any task. They are an influential personality in society. They get high designations in scientific and electronic fields. However they prefer to maintain good distance with their colleagues and people appointed on high positions.

The presence of Harshal in eleventh bhav- Makes them inclined towards humanity. They have friends of varied kinds but none of them is fruitful. They form friends but they automatically come to a distance on their own. They love to work in groups and their life becomes revolutionary when harshal is present in eleventh bhav. They love to live a free life especially when they are conducting any business. Usually such people are self centred and are accountable for their own gains and losses.The presence of Harshal in twelfth bhav- Makes the individual intellectual and sensitive. They have talent and potential to perform all the tasks themselves. They have a knack to understand and judge the intention of others correctly. They usually see their morals and values in their dreams and suffer from insomnia. They are involved in unlawful activities with their colleagues. They usually stay unsatisfied and are accountable for unusual expenditures.

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