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Vastu Tips by Acharya Indu Prakash.

A home of own is something every individual dreams about. Some people believe in construction according to vastu and some prefer going with the flow. We present you the vastu tips from vastu shastra for home that will make your home more productive. Construction or decoration done according to vastu plans makes a house more fruitful and more energetic. vastu compass is a device that can be included to get things done better. Some vastu shastra for home can somewhere be complicated and thus if not performed properly can show some adverse effects. Below are some vastu shastra tips for home to make a better tomorrow.

  • Buildings should not have water tank in their center.
  • The house should not have opening in South direction.
  • You can place electric equipments in the East side of the house.
  • You can place electronic equipments in the North-East side of the house.
  • North-East is also best for Poojaghar and study room.
  • Having doors and balconies on the West side of your house will be best.
  • Never have a poojasthal in South-West corner.
  • North side of your house must be open. There should be no high rise building or any other construction on the north of your house.
  • In independent buildings, south should be blocked by a high rise or some other similar construction.
  • The best position to have kitchen is South-East.
  • Servant quarter shall be in South-East direction.
  • Tree shadow should not fall on your house.
  • Bathrooms are best in South-West direction.
  • Having the staircase right in front of the entry door helps in improving financial conditions.
  • Keeping a tortoise in the house gives elongitivity of life. If it is not possible to keep a tortoise, keep an image of it.
  • Blue colour should never be applier in the south corner of the building or house.
  • Cactus and bonsi should never be kept in your house.
  • If you want to rent a part of your house, the tenant should be kept in the North-West or North-East corners.
  • Laughing budha should be kept in such a manner that the person entering your house should see his face.
  • The corners of the furniture should never be sharp, the best kind is one which has round shapes.
  • Furniture and goods made of wood shoudl be kept in North direction.
  • You can place items made of mud and clay in the South-East direction.
  • Items made of metal should be kept in North-East and South-West corners.
  • You must place containers filled with water on West or North-West direction.