East direction defects in buildings and their remedies


1) The buildings facing the East, are especially best considered for teachers, writers, students and philosophers. The eastern direction of your building should be kept open. This leads to the realisation of happiness and good luck.

2) The roof of the balcony, made in the eastern side of the building should be tilted towards the east only. This results in attaining of wealth, fame and success to the owner of the building.

3) There should not be any garbage or garbage related mound in the eastern part of the building else there will be a loss of money and fame, and the health of the children also stays poor. Thus, this direction should always be kept clean. But if this is at a distance of more than double the height of the building, then there is no defect.

4) In the building facing the East, other main entrance gates should also be made mainly in the East, North or North East directions. The windows in the building should also be more and more towards this direction, which leads to maintaining of good health of the building’s residents.

5) If the construction is done on the Southern and Western side of the building, on the boundary wall or adjoining other land, then it is very beneficial. But one needs to keep in mind, that the construction in this direction should be higher than the North and East.

6) In the East facing building, there should be a picture or idol of the Sun on the top, outside the main gate, this ensures always, of the auspiciousness.

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