Why palmistry is still good in the Astrology world?

Palmistry is such a subtle science through which accurate predictions can be made, but for that it is necessary for the reader to have good and deep knowledge of palmistry. A person with shallow knowledge cannot make accurate predictions. Today we are going to talk about the behavior and nature of your future husband. The lines on your hand can be of great help in what kind of husband you are going to get. Yes, through some lines raised in the hands of girls, it can be easily ascertained that what kind of husband they will get.

The love line is the mount of Mercury at the origin of the smallest finger in the palm and just below it a deep, straight and clear line coming from outside in the palm is called marriage line. Just below this line, coming from outside the palm in the form of a curve, the line going to Mount Shani i.e. the middle finger is called the heart line. This line is also called the love line. These two lines are studied in depth to find out married life, love, behavior of spouse etc. It is necessary to study the depth, shape-type, length, marks present on these lines etc.

Signs Of A Divorce In Marriage/Separation Lines In Palmistry

These are some rules and indications if the marriage line is flawless and there is no defect in the heart line also. If both the lines are clear, straight and the heart line goes to the mount of Jupiter, then the life partner is honest, restrained, decent and earns well. For him, the happiness of his family and spouse is more than money. If the heart line starts from the core of the palm and has fine lines like a bird’s feather in its beginning, then the spouse is lucky and is very passionate about his work. What such a person decides once, he suffices only after completing it.

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If the heart line is also faculty. If the marriage line is short and the heart line is also faulty, then the husband who meets such a woman does not love her. It always runs away from its responsibilities. If the marriage line splits into two at the end and one end meets the heart line, then such a spouse fails to reconcile his parents and wife. If another line runs parallel to the marriage line and the heart line is dark red, then such a life partner also has a relationship with some other woman. If you have a black mole on the marriage line in your hand, then your life partner will die before you.

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