Vastu Shastra tells how we can increase happiness in our life by increasing positive energy. In Vastu, several measures have been suggested to eliminate negative energy and increase positive energy. Let’s know some architectural solutions.

According to Vastu, the direction of the main door of the house is considered very auspicious to the east or north. If for some reason the main door of your house is not in the east or north direction, then to increase the positive energy, the door should be marked with auspicious signs like Swastika, Shriganesh and Oom.

Sanatan Dharma has a tradition of planting a basil plant in the courtyard of the house. It is believed that the basil plant is very helpful in purifying the atmosphere and enhancing positive energy. Planting a basil plant in the east or north direction of the house is considered auspicious. To remove problems, basil should be given water daily in the morning.

– To prevent negative energy from entering the house, doors and windows should open inwards.

– Do not keep waste things and junk in the house. These things enter negative energy inside the house.

– If you want to keep the grace of mother Lakshmi at your home, then the chest of the chest kept in the house should be in the north or east direction.

-Sound has a special role in Vastu Shastra. The easiest way to remove negative energy at home should be to clap with full vigor during morning and evening. Clap in every part of the house during the day. Positive energy is produced in the mind by the sound of clap. In Vastu, it is believed that chanting of clap, bell, conch and camel brings positive energy at home.

-To maintain positive energy at home, things should never be spread around the room. Negative energy comes from having useless and broken things in the house.

-For positive energy at home, burn some fragrant things every morning or evening and spread them in every corner of the house.

Man’s will is weak

If the will of man is weak then he cannot succeed in any task. According to Vedic astrology, a person’s will power is acquired from his ascendant. If the lord of a person’s ascendant is weak, then he lacks courage and willpower. Such a person dreams big but does nothing. If the lord of the lagna is weak then the feeling of utter despair in the person goes home.

Weak moon

If the position of the Moon in the horoscope is weak. If the Moon is low, located in an enemy zodiac or having sight of sinful planets, a person is lazy. If someone tells such a person to do some work, then they do not like this thing. In such a situation, people start getting away from their own people.

Weak Mars

According to weak Mars astrology, Mars is the causative planet of energy. In whose horoscope Mars is weak or sitting with low planets, then there is lack of enthusiasm and energy in the person. Such people get frustrated very quickly. On the contrary, how many times a person with a strong Mars will fail, he again puts in effort with double energy. If Mars is not good then there is lack of confidence.

What to do to strengthen your will First of all, you have to work patiently. Do not be disappointed if you fail. Create a spiritual teacher and seek guidance from them. Sit near people with positive energy, stay away from negativity. Stay away from people who only do evil to others, see the faults of others. Meditate and keep on chanting the Beej Mantra Hoon. On Saturday, wear an amethyst in the middle finger in a copper or gold ring. But let some astrology show the horoscope. If Saturn is Markesh, do not wear amethyst. Wear a quartz or pink rhinestone everyday in ring finger in silver or gold on Monday. Can also be worn around the neck. Can wear rhinestones in the form of bracelets or garlands. Willpower grows much faster than this. If a real Rudraksha is taken, wear it in gold or silver pendants.

How to build self-confidence Seek guidance from the spiritual master. Mentally keep chanting the ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ mantra. Meditation is done by concentrating on the red dot to increase concentration. Wear one Mukhi or 11 Mukhi Rudraksha. If Rahu in the horoscope is fine, wear onyx.

By having faith in God and living devotedly towards him, a strange feeling of confidence and certainty arises and we can be happy.

1. The nature of nature, the variety of nature’s habitats, the variety of trees, plants, rivers, waterfalls, sea, birds, the beautiful different creations of flowers, the different flavors of fruits in the unprecedented joy of life. Are able, learn to buy them.

2. Take time to observe yourself. Accept your shortcomings generously and openly praise the qualities of others and gradually you will get spiritual happiness and stress will be removed.

3. Jealousy, malice, anger, frustration, jealousy, the tendency to be unhappy by comparing others only and only stresses, so explain yourself and stay away from it.

4. It is not possible for someone else to make you happy. Learn to be happy yourself. Accept every small and big event of life, event, gift, God-given bodybuilding, family, children and friends as your unfortunate and be happy.

In the end, understand so much that happiness, sorrow, defeat, victory and success are failures, it is with them that life gets momentum. God-given life is a blessing. Think of each moment as a challenge and spend life happily and effortlessly. Be full of joy and joy. Don’t know when life will come to an end in the evening.

So, be happy yourself, be happy, because ‘there are victories in the heart of the mind’ Do not let the mind lose.

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