Horoscope matching or virtue matching is the matching of horoscopes for marriage in Vedic astrology. In Hinduism and especially in India, marriages are blessed with the blessings of elders and parents, so horoscope matching has very high importance for marriage, and marriages are decided only after horoscope matching. Through horoscope matching, it is known to what level the planets are blessing the bride and groom and which astrological rectification can bring happiness in marriage.

For horoscope matching, fill in the birth details of the boy and girl in the form given below. Results have been given based on matching 36 properties of Ashtakoot property.

Marriage is the most important of the eighteen sacraments. Before tying in this rite, there is a practice of matching the properties according to the birth name of the bride and the girl. In ancient times, sages and sages used their foresight and knowledge to make all the rules for social benefit. One of these rules is horoscope matching, according to spiritual texts, horoscope matching is described as a path to a happy married life. Matching horoscopes before marriage is extremely important because horoscope matching is an accurate means to know the future Groombridge’s compatibility and their happy and prosperous future. Everyone who wants to marry wants a good spouse for themselves. But it is often seen that after marriage, the relationship between husband and wife deteriorates. Due to differing views of both, a situation of differences arises. And later all these reasons become the reason for their separation. After marriage, the life of the bride and groom is happy, so through the horoscope, the merits of both are matched.

It is not appropriate to marry by matching properties in the horoscope. In practice, this method of property matching is not complete in itself and it is not appropriate to ensure matching of the coils based on this method only. According to this method, only the position of the moon is seen in the bride’s bride’s horoscopes, and the remaining eight planets are not considered at all, which is not practical from any side because each of the planets of the Navagrahas has its importance and such an important decision cannot be taken based on any one planet. Therefore it is very important to assess all the planets.

Property matching

Before marriage, horoscope matching or quality matching is known as Ashtakoot Milan. In this, mutual equality, friendship, and the relationship between the birth planets and constellations of the bride and the girl are considered. Two distinctions of Melapaka are stated in the scriptures. One planet Melapaka and the other constellation Melapaka. Based on these two, the education, character, fate, age, and fertility of the bride and the girl are assessed. The first task in matching horoscope is that of matching properties. In any horoscope eight types of qualities i.e. Ashtakoot are matched. It is very important to match qualities in marriage. These qualities are – varna, vasya, tara, yoni, Graha Maitri Gana, bhakta, and Nadi. After matching all of these there are a total of 36 points, if at the time of marriage, 18 or above of 36 qualities are found in the horoscope of both boys and girls, then it is assumed that the marriage will be successful, if less than 18 qualities If found, scholar astrologers are instructed not to marry.

“Varno Vashya and Tara Yugashishu planet Maitrakam.

Ganmaitram bhakootam na nadi chaete gunadhika. “

Character number 01

There are four types of varna, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras, these are matched by the ego of the bride and groom. If there is a similarity between the two characters, then the groom and groom’s performance is good, due to which both develop after marriage.

Issue 02

In the horoscope of the bride and groom, it is seen that who will dominate after marriage. Which one of the two has more control capacity? It is seen in five ways – Chatushpada (walking with four legs), human, forested, aquatic, and insect.

Star’s score -03

The good fortune of Tara in the horoscope of boy and girl will increase the fate of both after marriage. If the points of Tara are zero then the fate of both will not be supported after marriage, due to which there will be obstacles in progress.

Vagina Issue 04

On getting better points of the vagina in the bride’s bride’s horoscope, the closeness between the two, compatibility in physical relations, etc. is seen. If the digits of the vagina are zero, then there is tension on the day after marriage if both do not get mental level.

Grahameetri Issue 05

Due to the good scores of Graha Maitri in the horoscope of the boy and girl, the harmony is better and the family progresses. The family progress is interrupted and the contradiction remains when the number of Graha Maitri is zero.

Gan marks

It combines the nature and behavior of the bride and groom. Ganes is of three types – Dev, Man, Rakshasa. In the horoscope of a man and a woman, when the scores of Gana are better, then the nature of both of them coincides, and when the number of Gana is zero, the nature of both of them is not found among themselves.

Bhakoot Issue

In Bhakoot, a combination of the bride and groom’s feelings is seen. This determines the happiness between the family, economic prosperity, and the couple. In this, the planets in the horoscope of the bride are combined with the planets in the horoscope of the girl. In the horoscope of both, there is good love between each other on getting good marks of Bhakoot and if there are zero marks of Bhakoot, there is a lack of love between the bride and groom.

Pulse number 08

The idea of ​​pulse defect is very important in marriage, if both the bride and the bride have the same pulse in their horoscope, then it is considered to be pulse defect, due to pulse defect it is considered possible to cause incest of adultery, mid pulse Is considered to be of nature. Therefore, if the bride of the middle pulse is married to the daughter of the middle channel, then the relations between them do not become good due to their mutual ego, they have the feeling of distraction, mutual fighting – fighting and getting married. After marriage, child happiness is less, the problem of abortion is more, the blood group is also likely to be the same due to having one pulse. Because of this, there are problems related to children and the health of both of them is bad in the coming days. That is why the horoscope must be matched before marriage.

Ashtakut matching is not enough in horoscope matching. It is important to see Mars dosha, then Lagna mell seventh house, saptamesh, planets sitting in the seventh house, planets looking at seventh and saptamesh, a planetary factor of the seventh house and the combination of saptamesh, etc. are also seen.

Manglik defect

If Mars is in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, and outer house in any horoscope, then it creates Manglik Dosh. The idea of ​​Mangal Dosh is very important in horoscope matching, if the Manglik Dosh is not considered in the marriage, a lot of problems arise in the marital life, due to this defect, there will be untouchability in the family and differences in relationships. If a person has a Mars defect in his horoscope, then he must take measures to remove the Mars defect. Before marrying, the idea of ​​Manglik Dosh and the amount of friendship must be considered, because if these things are not considered before marriage, then after marriage, many problems have to be faced,

Horoscope matching is extremely important. In today’s social system, many married couples do not have proper relations, eventually, a marriage is reached. To prevent such tragic events, just considering the qualities matching or Mangal dosha does not remove other defects of the horoscope. That is why one should conclude only after matching the horoscope before marriage. If the position of the planets is slightly up and down then there is also a solution. Therefore the horoscope should be matched correctly.


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