Things to avoid in a home- Vastu Astrology Science

Vastu Shastra, which actually means “Science of architecture”, is an ancient Indian theory of engineering. It relies upon the five basic forces of nature-the sun, wind, water, earth and space and the diverse energies that begins from them. By following the principle of Vastu, these energies can be balanced and acclimated to upgrade peace and prosperity in homes. It is important to have a Vastu agreeable home to carry on with a delighted life. Simply take after these five straightforward Vastu tips and enjoy a stress free life with your family in the delightful home you had always wanted.

Mirrors reflecting the bed

As indicated by Vastu, a bedroom should not have mirror and never in the position that will reflect the bed. Mirror in the room prompts misunderstanding, frequent squabble between the couples, medical issues and tiredness. Yet in the event that there is a mirror in the room, ensure that it doesn’t mirror the bed.

Black on the bed

Dark looks wonderful and stylish in the room. Be that as it may, as per Vastu you should avoid to have black bedsheet, pillow cover, blankets or curtains in the room. The dull tone of the shading will make a solemn domain in the room and have a negative effect the relationship.

Time should never stop

Never leave a clock in a non-working condition in your home. As indicated by Vastu Shastra, clock not just delineates time, it additionally activates the power that controls our life, happiness and money. A non-working clock will stale the energy of your home and life.

Unhappy and violent painting on the wall

Everyone love to embellish decorate the walls of our home with excellent paintings. It improves the aesthetic beauty of the divider. Be that as it may, be cautious of your selection. Stay away from unhappy and violent paintings or any bit of art in your home. As indicated by Vastu, the stunning, bright, cheerful and wonderful pictures spread happiness, positivity and good faith in nature. The violent and sad pictures do the exact opposite.

Sharp edge furniture

As indicated by Vastu, we should avoid sharp edge furniture in our home. Sharp edge of the furniture cuts the direction of the energy and alters its changes, forcing it to move in the wrong direction. It is better to have round edge furniture. In the event that you already have angular or sharp edge furniture in your home, at that point cover it with a table cloth.

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