What is Ekadashi?

Ekadashi is an auspicious day that occurs on the eleventh lunar day of two lunar phases in a month, Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. In spiritual terms, it signifies 5 sensory organs, 5 organs of action and eleven senses from the mind. It is considered one of the most auspicious days to observe Vrat (fasting). The fast is observed by controlling the 10 senses and the mind and consuming fruits, milk and some vegetables while consuming rice, beans and grains. Scientifically, the moon has a direct impact on a person’s mental frequency these days. Thus, fasting is observed to help direct higher mental energy in the right direction and to avoid evil actions. It is austerity done to control our senses and immerse oneself in a higher level of consciousness. There are 24 Ekadashi in a year where each Ekadashi has special significance and is associated with different incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Importance of Ekadashi

Every 30th and 48th day, the body rejuvenates itself, and consuming too much food during that time can cause a negative sensation and discomfort in the body. The Vedas recommend undergoing a full or partial fast during those three days of Ekadashi. It is related to the scattering and waxing cycle of the moon. The main methods of taking Ekadashi are:

 1) Nirjala: It means not to consume any kind of food for the whole day.

2) Sajala: It means running the body on water and fruit juices and other liquid foods throughout the day.

3) Farali: It means to spend the whole body by consuming only milk and fruits.

Ekadashi purifies the mind and keeps the body fresh by detoxing and refreshing the body fluids. It prevents any type of tumor from forming and avoids carcinogenic diseases.

• It also helps in keeping the sugar level under control which can prevent the possibility of diabetes diseases.

• It helps in converting globules into energy and hence clears out unwanted fats and cholesterol.

• After fasting, the body becomes more energetic and refreshed.

Story of Ekadashi

Each of the above types has a different story with historical background of Ekadashi. For example, Putrada Ekadashi is celebrated to have male offspring. It comes from a different story, where Lord Vishnu emerged to satisfy the desire of his devotee. Similarly, people follow Mohini Ekadashi to erase their sins committed in previous lives. This Ekadashi has prominence due to the Mohini avatar of Lord Vishnu and hence, people suffering from past sins can be relieved from following such austerities. Despite this it promotes spirituality; also encourages people to worship women for social reasons. Other Ekadashi stories like this also portray mythological stories of the epic. One of the best examples is Mokshada Ekadashi, which preaches the principles of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna’s sermon to Arjuna. Each Ekadashi has a different story which convinces the devotee to fully devote himself to the ritual so that he can reap the benefits fully.

Meaning behind the story of Ekadashi

If we separate the senses and the mind from the materialistic world, then spiritual power is arising. The more we enjoy sensory things, the more foolish, wicked and powerless we become. It is not that we are accepting senses. In fact, sensory objects are pleasing us and once it completely sucks us, it throws us away. Sages and sages like Vasistha Muni, Vishvamitra Muni were all householders, yet they were in complete control of themselves. They direct all senses and mind towards God. Being in the household, he controlled the senses and the mind. When they control the senses and the mind, power is created for them which in turn makes them stronger towards God.

What to do on Ekadashi Day?

Fasting is one of the most essential parts of Ekadashi. Everyone should know about the method of worship of Ekadashi. During Ekadashi one should not take any prohibited food. For example, Yogini Ekadashi requires the devotee to eat only fruits. Therefore, avoiding unnecessary foods can help you dedicate yourself to Ekadashi.

On Ekadashi, people usually fast throughout the day. Those who cannot fast for the whole day do partial fasting by consuming fruits and liquid items. On some Ekadashis, devotees stay awake all night and worship Lord Krishna. For example, on Amalaki Ekadashi, devotees glorify the Amla tree as it is believed to be the abode of Lord Krishna. They offer coconut and flowers before the tree and perform rituals.

 Benefits of Ekadashi fast

 1. Fasting of Ekadashi increases your versatility.

 2. It increases the immunity power of the body.

 3. Fasting helps in relieving all reactionary sins that have been committed either intentionally or unknowingly.

4. It detoxes your body and refills it with fresh energy.

To conclude, ancient practices always lead us to some auspicious path because they must have created these rituals from their experience. We all know that traditionalism should be preserved. Here, it is not about safety, but about the belief and maintenance of Vedic ritual practice, so choose your desired practice and choose the date to be on that particular Ekadashi and just follow. Let us adopt traditionalism.


On the following dates following fast should be performed and following are the significances for the fast.

1. Putrada Ekadashi

Date: 24th January, 2021, Sunday

Significance: For a wish to be blessed with a baby boy.

2. Saphala Ekadashi

Date: 9th January, 2021, Saturday

Significance: For the achieving of goals and get success in all works and tasks.

3. Satilla Ekadashi

Date: 7th February, 2021, Sunday

Significance: For forgiving from sins and attain supreme adobe.

4. Jaya Ekadashi

Date: 23rd February, 2021, Tuesday

Significance: For the merit ten times more than offering thousand cows to a Brahmana.

5. Vijaya Ekadashi

Date: 9th March, 2021, Tuesday

Significance: For Success in all spheres of life

6. Amalaki Ekadashi

Date: 25th March, 2021, Thursday

Significance: For the merit ten times more than offering thousand cows to a Brahmana.

7. Papmochani

Date: 7th April, 2021, Wednesday

Significance: For Freedom from sins and immoral act,

8. Kamada Ekadashi

Date: 23rd April, 2021, Friday

Significance: For desire fulfilment.

9. Varuthini Ekadashi

Date: 7th May, 2021, Friday

Significance: For a sinless life filled with happiness.

10. Gauna Ekadashi

Date: 23rd May, 2021, Sunday

Significance: For a relief of all suffering.

11. Apara Ekadashi

Date: 6th June, 2021, Sunday

Significance: For Name and fame

12. Nirjala Ekadashi

Date: 21st June, 2021, Monday

Significance: For control over senses and detoxing your body.

13. Yogini Ekadashi

Date: 17th July, 2021, Monday

Significance: For piety and good deeds.

14. Padma/ Devashyani Ekadashi

Date: 20th July, 2021, Tuesday

Significance: For liberations and adobe

15. Kamika Ekadashi

Date: 4th July, 2021, Wednesday

Significance: For freedom from the results of commiting most heinous crime.

16. Putrada Ekadashi

Date: 18th August, 2021, Wednesday

Significance: For being blessed with a baby boy

17. Aja Ekadashi

Date: 3rd September, 2021, Friday

Significance: For freedom one from all sins and gaining higher consciousness.

18. Parivartini/ Parsva/ Vamana Ekadashi

Date: 17th September,2021, Friday

Significance: For purification of body, senses and mind.

19. Indira Ekadashi
Date: 2nd October, 2021, Saturday

Significance: For liberating forefathers from the hell abode of Yamraj.

20. Padmini Ekadashi

Date: No Padmini Ekadashi in this Year

21. Parama Ekadashi

Date: No Parama Ekadashi in this Year

22. Papankusha Ekadashi

Date: 16th October, 2021, Saturday

Significance: For fulfilment of any desire and Moksha

23. Rama Ekadashi

Date: 1st November, 2021, Monday

Significance: For Elevation of Fallen Souls to a much higher consciousness.

24. Devathuna/ November Ekadashi

Date: 14th November, 2021, Sunday

Significance: For purification of mind and body.

25. Utpanna Ekadashi

Date: 30th November, 2021, Friday

Significance: For the merit ten times more than offering thousand cows to a Brahman.

26. Mokshada Ekadashi

Date: 14th December, 2021

Significance: For Moksha (Liberation)

27. Saphala Ekadashi

Date: 30th December, 2021, Thursday

Significance: For gaining success in all work and tasks.

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