Whether the house is your own or rent. A relationship is also formed with the four walls. Because this is where we live with each other, understand each other, quarrel, and face all the ups and downs of life together. Nobody would ever want that negative energy will enter his house. But in a known way, we do something that negative energy starts entering the house.

 Negative energy means that negative energy should not enter the house, for this, we are going to tell you 15 tips. By following them, you can fill your home with happiness, prosperity. But before that, we would like to tell you what the effects due to negative energy are. Some of the effects are as follows- The person who spends the most time at home (a housewife or elderly) gets angry.

 Due to negative energy, someone starts staying ill at home. You do not sleep properly, which affects performance. Due to negative energy, less cleaning in the house, more dirt remains. There is some equipment or bad at home. Children are not able to study properly, they do not feel like studying. Relationships between householders are not good. There is a fight at home.

Let us know how and where the evil forces start to dwell in the house and know about the surest ways to overcome it.

The Filthy

 In a house where there is always a cloak of dirty clothes or in which there is never a clean house, evil powers or ghosts quickly wander.

Also because of sweets

 If someone gives you sweets, eat quickly. Because walking with it in your hand or walking in a deserted street with sweets in your hands, evil forces follow.


Many household people are fond of raising animals. If you have a Cat then make sure of some things. Because black cats attract more negative energy. If you do something bad in your house and leave the cat, then evil forces can enter your house.

Where do evil powers come from?

 However, there are many reasons behind the evil forces coming into the house.

 Man: Pessimism, anger, or jealousy can create such an environment in the house after any kind of self-defeating emotion or no fulfillment.

Spirit: If you cannot be positive with a human being for long, then negative forces start to form around you.

 Technique: Due to modern gadgets, negative power can be created many times. For example, some of the household appliances are bad.

 Natural Energy: Many such powers around our home and environment get us in trouble.

Objects: Antiques or second-hand objects can capture the energy of those who were once attached to them. It does not matter where the negative energy or evil powers are coming from, but they can be removed by some measures.

Generally, there is a lot of reason for negative energy coming into the house and a person has to take many measures to bring positive energy. But now you do not need to worry. We are going to tell you 10 such easy steps which by looking at you will remove the negative energy of your house. Know what these measures are…

1. The windows and doors of your house are considered to be the medium for external energy to enter, most important is to keep these places clean and pure.  For this, by squeezing 5 lemons in a bucket of water, adding a cup of salt and about a quarter cup of white vinegar, clean all the windows and doors of the house with this mixture.  Believe that negative energy will not touch your home.

2. The health of the household members depends on the kitchen of your house.  Make sure that the gas stove does not get dirty even by mistake.  Being dirty can affect your health as well as your financial progress.

3. To remove all types of negative energy from the rooms, you can burn fragrant incense sticks and incense sticks.  By doing this you will also get good sleep at night.

4. Sprinkle a little salt on all four corners of the bedroom.  After 48 hours, spraying salt in all four corners again will end the negative energy of the entire room.  Even if someone has been ill in that room, then its effect will be over.

5. You should ring the bell in all parts of the house at least 3 times daily to rekindle the sources of energy lying idle in your house.  This measure will benefit.

6. Candles have been used for a long time to remove the negative energy of the house.  You must burn at least one candle in your home every day.  Burning is also beneficial, especially while doing yoga or meditation, and also brings peace to the mind.

7. By placing selenite stones on the windows and doors, you can stop the negative energy coming from there.  It is a type of white-colored sulfate stone that can naturally eliminate impurities.

8. By keeping bouquets of fresh flowers in the rooms, all kinds of bad forces are destroyed.  The smell of flowers makes one feel happy and spiritually peaceful as well.

9. It is often seen that people do a lot of cleaning inside their house and decorate the house, but ignore the place outside the main gate.  Whereas according to Vastu, all positive energy comes from the main door itself, then the main door of the house should be clean.

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