The scriptures state that the number of deities is 33 crore. But among all these deities, Surya and Chandra are the only deities that are visible on this earth, that is, which we can see every day. Therefore, man has been worshiping both of these since the beginning of creation. It was also scripted in the Vedas and Purans. It can be seen that since Mahabharata and Ramayana, the Lord Surya is being worshipped. Lord Rama himself worshiped the Surya God and offered him Arghya with water. Mata Kunti the mother of five Pandavas was also the devotee of Lord Surya and also gave a birth to a boy named karna with the blessings of Lord Surya. Karna regularly offering arghya to the Surya in form of water. Actually, there are great benefits of giving regular arghya to the Surya. Especially in today’s age, there are so many benefits of offering arghya to the Surya, after knowing that you will not be able to live without giving arghya to the Surya every day.

Offering water to the Surya has a direct impact on our personality. Since the Surya is the lord of all the planets, so if they are happy, then the rest of the planets will show blessings on their own. In the Puranas, worship of the Surya has been described as the curing of all diseases. According to Hinduism, giving water to the Surya brings balance in your life.

Reasons for Offering Water to Sun

Scientific reason

 The scientific reason behind offering water to the Surya is that when we offer water to the Surya, it affects our health. The morning fresh air and the first rays of the Surya fall on us. Which is beneficial for our health. While offering water to the Surya, when we see the rising Surya amidst a stream of water, the eye light rises. The Surya’s rays also have many properties like vitamin D, which is beneficial for us.

Logic of astrology

 According to astrology, the Surya is the ruler of all the planets. If instead of pleasing all the planets, only the Surya is worshiped and water is offered to them regularly, then your destiny is sure to arise.

Benefits of Offering Water to Sun

1. The first benefit of giving regular water to the rising sun is that a person’s eyes remain healthy.  For this, while giving water to a person, the water vessel should be placed in front of the head and the sun should be centered while focusing the eyes between the falling water.  It removes eye defect.  Those in whose horoscope the position of sun is at 12th place or sun is in the second house of its ascendant may having an eye disease. In transit, this remedy is beneficial when the sun passes through these places.

2. For job advancement and profitability, it is important to maintain your confidence and be active so that the officers are happy with you.  For this, giving water to the sun is very beneficial.  According to Astrology the reason is that, the Sun is considered as the lord of all planets whether for job or any other field. So by offering water to the sun it impress the sun and improves the relationship with the sun which helps in improving the positions of other planets.

 3. The Sun is also related to the heart.  They are the owners of this place.  Therefore, to keep the heart healthy, burning the sun is considered very auspicious.  If the Aditya Hridaya Stotra is recited with regular water to the Sun, then the Sun remains favorable, which has a good effect on the heart. 
4. In astrology, the relation of the Sun with the father has also been considered.  The compatibility of the Sun in the horoscope brings happiness from ancestral property.  If there is a dispute over ancestral property.  If there is a lack of coordination with the father, worshiping the sun and offering arghya to the rising sun regularly will be beneficial.

5. If you are trying for a government job then you should keep burning the sun regularly.  This makes the Sun stronger and when the Sun is strong, the sum of the profits from the government sector is strong.  Therefore, we should keep on worshiping the sun with our efforts.

6. Suryopasana also has great importance to prevent skin diseases.  Lord Krishna himself advised his son Samb to worship the Sun in case of leprosy.

Care to be taken while offering water to the sun

While offering water to the Sun God, some things should always be kept in mind that you should offer water to the Sun God from a copper vessel.  While offering water to the Sun, keep a flower or rice in it.  After this, while giving water to the sun with both hands, keep in mind that the edge of the sun’s rays must be visible in it.  Water should be offered only by facing towards east.  Keep in mind that the water offered is not falling on the feet, it is considered inauspicious and an insult to the Sun God.  If you are offering water on a regular basis and if the sun is not visible on a cloudy day, then offer water facing east.

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