Importance of Planet Mercury in our lives

Planet Mercury is the most nearest planet to the Sun, and it is the smallest planet in our Solar system. It takes just 88 days, to complete the revolution around the sun. The atmosphere on the surface of mercury is almost negligible, thus very high fluctuations are seen in its temperatures. The lowest temperature at night time is -173 ℃ and maximum temperature during the day time, at the equator is 427 ℃. The tilt of the orbit of Mercury is the least of all the planets, it is 1/30th part of a Degree. Based on the ground observations, the upper layer of the Mercury is 100 to 300 Kms long. The distance between Mercury and the Sun is approximately between 4 crore 60 lakh or 7 million kms.

According to astrology, Planet Mercury is said to be beautiful and green in colour, and it is the son of the Moon who holds a small Sword, Axe and a Shield in its hand. Its vehicle is the flying Lion. Mercury is the Lord of the zodiacs Gemini and Virgo, and slung with it, their auspicious day is Wednesday. Mercury is called the God of calculations. It is the God of wisdom. According to the Greek astrology, Mercury is called the King of Flora and Vegetation, its Master is Jupiter. It has direct effects on business, trading and brain related hard work. In the body, it mainly affects the throat and shoulders. In the unfavourable positioning of Mercury, the Teeth start to fall off, and the capacity to smell, reduces. The God of Mercury is Lord Vishnu and its Mahadasha is as long as 17 years. The special feature of Mercury is that it grasps the properties of other planets, and gives the results, as per those. Mercury represents the Air element. The effect of mercury in the horoscope, makes the person very well-mannered and adjusting as per the situations and a strategist, Mercury considers the Sun and Venus, as its friends and the Moon as its enemy. It remains neutral with the planets Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. Mercury is considered to be the Lord of the North direction and it is an impotent planet. The auspicious Gem Stone of Mercury is the Emerald and the auspicious Numbers of Mercury are 5, 14, and 23.

What effects do the different auspicious and inauspicious conditions of mercury can have on our lives and to avoid them and to ensure the auspicious positioning of the planet Mercury, you can do the following remedies –

  1. If the promotion of your business has stopped or you are not being able to give the desired pace, which you want to your business, then on the night of Wednesday, soak Green pulse in the Alum water after waking up in the morning, give it to the animals to eat. This remedy should be started on a Wednesday and continued till 43 days. Very soon, you will notice and increase in business.

  2. If you are working on a job and your income has not increased since a long time, then get your nose pierced. This will increase your earnings, as well as increase your writing capability.

  3. Also, by cleaning the teeth with Alum, in the morning, the children get to attain good results.

  4. To get happiness and cooperation from the mother, and to increase your respect and honour in the society, apply saffron on your forehead or wear yellow clothes more often.

  5. If the mind is in turmoil all the time, or you are disturbed due to one or the other work, by the rough work, then wear a Silver chain in the neck, it will soothe the mind.

  6. For increase in wealth and property, you must wear Gold chain in the neck. If it is not possible for you to wear gold, then wear a Copper coin in the neck. It will definitely increase your funds.

  7. If you do any work related to the travelling by Sea, then you should wear a necklace of beads. You will benefit from the Voyages

  8. For the continuous brightening of the luck of you, your spouse and your children’s destiny, you should keep a cow as pet in the house or serve the cow for the best of all. In the family

  9. To ensure success in your work, before starting the work, make sure to take the blessings of a girl or give a flower to a girl, as an auspicial. All the work undertaken, will be fruitful.

  10. You have a lot of information, but when the required time comes, to use it, you are not able to use that information properly, then you should consume basil leaves every morning. Be aware that the Bail leaves should never be chewn, they should be swallowed. Because they contains mercury, and chewing it, can be harmful for our teeth

  11. If your child has trouble in understanding something or takes a long time in understanding it, then ask the child to chant the verse ‘ Oṃ Aem Sarasavatayai Namaḥ ‘ three times every morning daily. Remember to give it to the child by writing it on a paper. , so that he can read it by seeing it. Very soon, he will start understanding things easily

  12. If your child is having trouble speaking, he stammers while speaking, then continuously, for 21 Wednesdays, get him to offer Durva (an auspicious green grass ) on Lord Ganesha, and the next day, put the Durva in the flowing water.

  13. 13 If your child has trouble hearing someone or speaking out something, then regularly, every morning he should chant the Gayatri verse.

  14. If your throat remains bad or sore, very often, then wear a Square piece of Silver in your neck. This will ease your throat related problems.

  15. If you are allergic to a certain kind of smell, then every day, after the morning shower, apply yellow Sandalwood paste at the centre of your forehead, chest and throat.

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