Vastu plan for study room of your children to help them score good

Every mother and father wants and prays that their children live a happy and successful life. For which the you work hard to provide your children every facility they want to become successful. You provide your children the good education, money and many parents even give their children a separate room to study and what not?
But, everyone doesn’t get the good marks. Can you answer, Why?
It doesn’t mean that your children don’t try their best in studies. The manner in which everything is placed in your house, especially in the study room also plays a major role in study of the students. In which direction of the house you have the study room etc. It is necessary to place everything at the right place to get the best results.
If things are kept as per the vastu for ex, if the children’s room is built as per vastu standards. Vastu of a building has its own significance because it is connected directly to the nature. The buildings built keeping the vastu standards in mind offers health, success, intelligence and inner peace to the inmates of the buildings.
Here, below we are mentioning some vastu tips especially for a study room of your children.
  1. Study room built in the house towards East, North or North-East direction, then it will help your children’s minds to concentrate more on studying.
  2. In case of having more than one children in the house to study. Then the vastu of the study room should be as per the sun sign of the elder most son.
  3. Keep the colors of the walls light like painting the walls light yellow, pink, sky blue etc. The curtains in the room should be light darker than the walls.
  4. The bed of the children should be like that the head of the children should be towards the east and the legs should face the west.
  5. Hang the photos of the successful people in the field in which the child wants to have a career. Also hang some painting and photos of nature and pets.
  6. Keep the north side of the room empty. Keep in mind that the shadow of the mirror in the room should not fells on the study table.
  7. As per vastu, the best direction for the computer is South East and North West is best for the Television.
  8. If planning, build a bathroom in the west side of the room.
  9. Make girls’ study room in north-west direction. Don’t keep the table in the South West direction, in front of the table or near the wall.
  10. If preparing for govt jobs, railway jobs or B ED then, have the room built in east direction.
  11. Students studying in B Tech, Medical, Journalism, Law, MCA, BCA etc. should have study room in the south direction and the reading table should be kept in the southeast side.
  12. Students preparing for MBA, accountant, music, singing, and bank etc. should study in the north direction.

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