A temple where female pandits worship instead of the males

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A large number of devotees come to the temple of Ahilya. This temple is there, where Lord Rama had saved Ahilya.

Situated at Kamtaul, Darbhanga, on the day of Ram Navmi, a unique tradition is seen here. Here devotees arrives at the temple carrying the load of brinjal from the morning. They offer it on the feet of Ahilya and Rama.

People in the temple believe that when Ahilya became into a stone from a curse by Gautum Rishi, Ram did the udhaar by touching his feet to the Ahilya who was turned into a stone in treta yug. Similarly, the individual who suffering from a disease ‘cod’, after taking bath in Gautam and Ahilya Snan Kund upon the arrival of Ram navmi gets relief. It occurs in any external part of the human body, which resembles a wart to look.

Even today, where Lord Rama had saved Ahilya, its generations is found and there is a lady worshipping rather than a male priest.

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