Can Depression be cured with Astrological?

However, many psychologists believe that this number may be much higher because many people do not know that they are in depression.

According to WCH, anxiety disorder is a mental illness characterized by fear and anxiety. There are many types of this. It is seen that person suffering from depression also faces the symptoms of anxiety. Explaining in general, “We were all sad after hearing the news of Sushant Singh Rajput, some people will be depressed for a few hours, some people will be depressed for a few days, then it will not be depressing

 “Some people get nervous even for little things which do not have any meaning to get nervous and they have no control over their mind. It is a state of mind where you feel ‘helpless’ to yourself, it is called anxiety. But when you are ‘Hopeless’ that is if you lose hope in your life then it is a state of depression. It is not necessary that the person who is having anxiety, is also in depression or the victim of depression has a complaint of anxiety. But anxiety can lead to depression and depression can also cause anxiety. “

Depression, favorite work, and creativity

To divert the mind of the victims of depression, they are asked to pay attention to the work that they like. Many people used to divert their mind by indulging in activities like music, dance, and other creative activities.

Psychologist says, “We advise people to do what you can easily do, we want them to be active”, during this time many people write blogs. There are other types of creative work. The focus is not on the quality of work but to engage the patients in some activities but still some people do very great in their field although they are suffering from depression.  Those who are creative can create a new kind of art during the depression. Thus it can be both good or bad.

Are you a victim of depression? There is no sleep throughout the night, throughout the day the mind runs like this, there is no name to stop? Does the mind run away from everything? There is no one in the world, do not feel like doing anything? What is the meaning of Charanamrit, why is worship incomplete without it? This is the story of every other person in today’s runaway life. Whether in the form of a man or a man, all are surrounded by depression or depression in some form or the other.

A small amount of stress is good for life. A small amount of stress is believed to be good for life because it increases a person’s ability to cope with situations. The problem is when the person starts thinking continuously about the stress they are taking, this leads to depression. A person suffering from depression is unable to perform normal tasks in a normal manner and always having negative thoughts. Many times the depression increases to such an extent that one has to seek the help of a counselor, otherwise, he/she takes steps like suicide. In the upcoming days, one gets to read such news in the newspaper that so and so person hanged themselves for any reason due to result of love, job losses, family problems, and many other reasons. It is caused by hyper depression only. A person suffering from depression also gets addicted to running away from the world, problems, and solutions of the problems which increase the problem further.


Astrology Since astrology affects every aspect of a person’s everyday life, it naturally presents a solution to this problem as well. According to astrology, it can be easily known by looking at the horoscope of any person that he is a victim of depression or depression. The first house of the horoscope represents the brain and the Moon is considered the lord of the brain and emotions. If the Moon is low in the first house of the Janmak cycle of the native or is associated with sinful planets, then such a situation brings depression in life.

The following conditions indicate depression in the life of the native if the Moon is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth position in the triple house. If the Moon takes its position with planets like Saturn, Sun, Rahu, or Mars. If the Moon doesn’t take any place in any house, no other planet is visible with it. If the Moon looks like an astral close to the Sun.

 The pressure of changing circumstances can be affected by depression anytime in life. It is not a disease, it is just the effect of pressure from changing circumstances. A person goes into depression due to any adverse situation like heartbreak in love, a failed marriage, financial instability, inability to make a desired career, or the death of a loved one. If there is a problem there is even a solution.

The Solution is, If the Moon is weak in the horoscope of the native, drinking water in a silver glass repeatedly to make it strong is beneficial. If the Moon is weak and situated in the wrong house, then a silver ring along with an appropriate stone should be worn. The natives of depression are benefited by keeping fast on Monday. The worship of Lord Shiva has a positive effect on the event of the Moon being weak. Best results are also found by offering water on the Shivling. The native should wear silver jewelry as much as possible. Remember that there is no addition to this jewelry and wear them only on Monday. According to Hinduism, Lord Shiva is considered the lord of the moon. Therefore, there is a special beneficial effect of worshiping Lord Shiva in depression. The person has to chant Om Namah Shivaya 108 times The effect of spiritual practice done with the complete devotion of Shiva removes all negative effects. In particular, the practice of analog antonyms is considered effective like medicine. Chanting the word Om for 10 minutes also shows positive results. Mother is considered a god in Indian culture. If you are in depression, try to talk with your mother. If unfortunately you do not have a mother then talk to a woman of any age who understands you. Every Monday, offer the woman any white item like white flowers, white sweets, white clothes, milk, sugar.

Don’t want to get out of the house

If you just want to be alone in your room in your house and do not want to go out and meet people, then depression may be at home in your mind.

Insomnia troubles

Not sleeping for a long time or at night are the symptoms of depression. Try to find a solution for it or discuss it with the doctors.

Don’t  want to get up from the bed

Sometimes it is ok, but normally if you do not feel like getting out of bed after sleeping all night then it is not normal. It means you are trying to separate yourself from the world.

Do not focus on one thing

When you lose your concentration easily or it is hard for yourself to concentrate even on easy tasks, then these are symptoms of depression.

Anger and mood deterioration

Sometimes in depression, it is possible that you feel nervous most of the time or you get tensed easily.

Suicidal thoughts

If someone thinks of suicide continuously and thinks there is no reason to live, this is a sign of severe depression. It can be avoided with medical advice at the right time.

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