After all, what is Vastu Shastra: –

Vastu means abode. Its principles help to create harmony between the five elements i.e water, earth, air, fire, and sky in the atmosphere. Water, earth, air, fire, and sky, these five elements fall on our performance, nature, luck, and other aspects of life. This learning is one of the oldest disciplines in India which deals with directions and energies. Under this, the positive energies surrounding the base are made positive in such a way so that they do not adversely affect human life. According to Vishwakarma, the first scholar architect of the world, the building built according to the Vastu gives the person happiness, the meaning of living, success in work, and salvation. Knowledge of Vastu craftsmanship brings victory over people even by conquering death, so dwelling without knowledge of Vastu crafts is of no importance in the world. World and architectural craftsmanship are synonymous. Vaastu is an ancient science. Our sage Manishyas developed this science to protect us from the evil powers pervading the world around us. Vastu originates from the architectural Veda, which is part of the Atharvaveda. Along with this creation, the human body is also made up of earth, water, fire, air, and sky and according to Vastu Shastra, this element is the major factor affecting life and the world. The importance of the plot and the places around it are very important in building construction. The architect predicts the auspicious and inauspicious condition of the plot by looking at the things around. What is the direction of the plot and how will it affect the plot, its information can be found only from the study analysis of the principles of Vastu Shastra. According to its principles, the possibility of the life of the people living in the building built becomes stronger. Every human has a desire that his home should be beautiful and pleasant, where there is a residence of positive energy, where the lives of the people are happy. For this, the house must be following Vastu principles and if there is any Vastu defect in it, then its Vastu should be rectified. If there is a defect in the direction of the house or the land, then the house should be erected at any cost on it, the life of the people living in it is not happy. Architecture has been used in the construction of Mughal period buildings, pyramids of Egypt, etc.

Importance of Vastu Shastra: –

The influence of Vastu is everlasting because this inclination of the Earth is eternal, it is dependent on the basic principle of the magnetic powers of planets, etc. in the universe and prevails all over the world, so the rules of Vastu Shastra are also eternal, principle-based, universal and universal. Rationality, Feasibility, solidity, Relevancy are the permanent qualities of Vastu. Therefore, we can call Vaastu without any reason Vastu Vigyan.

Both Vastu Shastra and Astrology are complementary to each other as both are integral to each other. As such, the body has an unbreakable relationship with its various organs. In the same way, astrology has an unbroken relationship with all its branches, question scripture, numerology, Vastu scripture, etc. The reason for the closeness between astrology and Vastu Shastra is that both originated from Vedic Samhita. The goal of both the scriptures is to lead human beings on the path of progress and progress and to provide security. The building constructed according to the Vastu principle and the items placed in the right places in the architectural directions, resulting in the life of the people living in it, is peaceful and happy. Therefore, it is appropriate that the building should be constructed according to Vastu principles in consultation with an architect. Therefore, Vastu is important in Our life. Thus it creates positive energy in a building. As a result, the Person remains happy who stays in that building. Also, every member of a family will face success in their lives and careers. Be sure to share this information and stay with us to know similar information.

What safeguards should be kept in mind in the use of Vastu Shastra?

– Horoscope will be studied to understand the Vastushastra

– Only then the correct and more accurate results can be seen.

– One must understand the difference between House and a Flat to be built on the land.

– The principles of Vastu are different for different locations and directions.

– Colour of the house plays a vital role in the Vastu of the house or flat.

What should be noted in Vastu Shastra?

– Direction of the house is the most important thing.

– Check the direction from where the sunlight enters in the house.

– Fix the colors of the walls according to the solutions to the problems

– Check the direction of the ladders of the house and the no of ladders.

– Do prayer in the house on a regular basis.

What should be noted in flat architecture?

– Flat does not mean direction.

– Check the direction from where the sunlight and wind enters in the Flat

– Colours play a vital role in the Vastu of flats.

– Do prayer in the flat on a regular basis.

– Make sure the enternace of the flat is wider and clean.

 Some easy steps of Vastu

* Spreading Guggal smoke once in a week at home.

* It is Advantageous to put Two grains of Nagkesar seeds and Eleven leaves of Tulsi in wheat.

* Put cloves in mustard oil lamps at home.

* Milk should be offered to the basil plant every Thursday.

* Remove the first roti for Gau Mata.

* 3 doors in the house should not be in the same line.

* Make sure never to keep dried flowers at home.

* Hang the pictures of Sufis, Saints, Gods and Goddess, and Mahatmas to take their blessings.

* Avoid keeping broken, burnt, scrapped, or negative items in the house.

* Hang the picture of scenery in the corner of the southeast direction.

* The should not be any leakage of water in the house.

* The furniture of round edges in the house is auspicious and should not create sound.

* Put the basil plant in the gallery in the east direction.

Importance of astrology in Vastu Shastra

Both Vastu Shastra and Astrology are related to each other. Both can also be called complementary to each other. Vastu learning is a part of astrology. If astrology is studied, the events of a person’s life are related to Vastu Shastra Bhawan. There is a scripture related to the maintenance, decoration, structure, and arrangement of the building. Both astrology and Vastu learning aims to make human life happy. Through Vastu Shastra, the energy present in the environment is achieved in a balanced manner, progress in life, success, and maximum positive energy is achieved. Learn how this is possible.

Vastu Shastra is a branch of astrology. Vaastu Shastra is incomplete without astrological knowledge. A good Vastu Shastri feels the need for astrology step by step. In Vastu Shastra, each direction is linked to a planet. Knowledge of the qualities, religion, and nature of each planet becomes necessary. Knowledge of astrology is necessary for the muhurat and beautiful knowledge of rituals, land worship, foundation mining, well mining, foundation laying, door installation, and home entry, etc. for the attainment of Vastu. On analyzing the causes of different problems and conflicting results in two families living in the same house, we find that there is a difference in their home entrance Muhurta and horoscopes.

We have to suffer the fate of destiny and accumulated deeds prescribed by the horoscope. Through favorable Vastu, we can reduce our difficulties and cannot end. Vastu and astrology can complement each other. If the astrological aspect is considered along with the Vastu, to find solutions to the problems of life, it becomes easier to find a solution. What type of Vastu will one get? Will you build a house or take it yourself? Some questions related to a general knowledge of astrology are also given here for answering questions etc.

Planetary qualities, religion, nature, and faults


This planet is the lord of the male race, blood color, Pitta nature, and east direction. It is an indicator of the soul, health, nature, state, temple, and ancestral factors. If there is a defect in the east direction or if the Sun suffers in the horoscope, the relationship with the father is not right. Problems with the government, problems with government jobs, headaches, eye diseases, heart disease, skin diseases, bone diseases, jaundice, fever, tuberculosis and brain weakness, etc.

The moon

This planet is the lord of the female race, white color, water, and aerial direction. It is a factor of mind, mind, physical and mental health, property, and mother. If there is a defect in the aerial direction or the moon is contaminated in the horoscope, the relationship with the mother is not correct, mental troubles, insomnia, asthma, respiratory disease, phlegm, cold, cold, urinary disease, menstrual disease, gallstones, and pneumonia, etc. Can be.


This planet is of the male race, blood color, lord of south direction, fire, fire, and gall nature. It is the lord of patience and might, the brother’s factor and the regulator of blood and power. Due to defect in the south direction or if Mars is afflicted in the horoscope, the relationship with the brother may not improve, anger may occur, accidents, blood disorders, leprosy, abscess, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, smallpox, plague, etc.


This planet is of the eunuch caste, Shyamvarna, the lord of north direction, Tridosha Prakriti, and Prithvi. He is the master of astrology, medicine, crafts, law, business. In case of a defect in the north direction or the horoscope of Mercury in the horoscope, problems related to intelligence, speech, loss of relationship with uncle, memory loss, epilepsy, throat diseases, nose diseases, mania, hallucinations, loss of business, doubt and Unstable thoughts, etc. can be faults.


This planet is the male race, the yellow varna, the lord of the northeast and the sky is the third. Special consideration of earthly and spiritual pleasures is given by this. Lack of faith in worship, lack of faith in gods, gurus, and Brahmins, loss of income, loss of accumulated wealth, delay in marriage, delay in childbirth, abdominal disorder, due to defect in Ishaan angle or suffering in Guru’s horoscope. , Ear disease, arthritis, constipation, insomnia, etc. may be suffering.


This planet is female, female, black, Gaur varna, lord of igneous direction, work efficient and aquatic element. It is a factor of poetry, music, clothing, vehicles, women, libido, and worldly pleasures. If there is an inaccurate direction or if Venus is afflicted in the horoscope, then there may be an obstruction in wife happiness, failure in love, trouble with vehicle, anorexia, impotence, hernia, diabetes, metallic and urinary related diseases, and uterine related diseases.


This planet belongs to the eunuch caste, Krishna Varna, the lord of the west direction, and Vayu. It considers age, strength, perseverance, calamity, fame, and servants. It makes a person pure and sattvic in the end by putting him in the circle of bad luck and crisis. Suffering from servants, defect in a job, wind disorder, paralysis, spinal discomfort, fear of ghosts, chickenpox, cancer, leprosy, epilepsy, impotence, and feet in case of a defect in west direction or Saturn in horoscope There may be trouble.


This is Krishnavarna, the lord of the Nairitya direction and a cruel planet. It considers secret device forces, sufferings, and errors. Due to defect in the south-west corner or afflicted Rahu in the horoscope, there is trouble with the grandfather, ego, skin disease, leprosy, brain disease, and fear of ghost haunting, etc.


This is Krishna Varna and a cruel planet. It considers trouble with maternal grandfather, trouble with sorcery, contagious disease, blood disorders, pain, smallpox, cholera, and skin diseases. This is the factor of salvation.

Building attainment total

When any person wants to build a house, first of all, he needs land. If the causative planet Mars and the fourth house of the land are strong, a person can buy the land. If the fourth house or Mars is afflicted, the person stays in a rented house and if luckily becomes his house, then there is a Vastu Dosh in it. The position of Saturn is also considered along with the fourth house in the horoscope to see the built house. Now what are the totals in the horoscope that a person can get land or building, now consider them:

1. If the fourth quarter is in the center of a triangle.

2. If Chaturthesh is of Swargriha, Vargottam, Swa Nawansh, or higher, then you get the pleasure of land, vehicle, and home.

3. If you are in Lagnesh IV or if there is a change of place between Lagnesh and Chaturthesh, then you get complete happiness at home, Kothi, house, etc.

4. If the combination of Chaturthi and Dashmesh is in the center or triangle, then the person’s house is beautiful, big, and palatial.

5. If Chaturthesh is strong and he is related to Lagnesh.

6. If Mars is in a triangle.

7. If there are two auspicious planets in the fourth house.

8. If the change of Chaturthi and Panchamesh is Yoga.

9. If there is a change in the fourth and ninth.

10. If the change of Chaturthi and Ekadesh is Yoga.

11. As many auspicious planets are visible from Lagnesh, Chaturthesh, and Madhyamesh, as many houses are found.

12. In planets sitting in the center and triangle, as many planets are strong, a person will have as many houses.

13. When Saturn is sitting in the fourth house, a person has to build a house at a very old age.

14. If Saturn, Mars, and Rahu are combined then the person makes wealth by earning black business.

15. If the seventh house is high or Venus in the seventh house then the person gets the benefit of the house from his wife’s side.

Planetary conditions for building

When a person comes to know that there is the happiness of land or building in his horoscope, then his next question is when will this happiness be found? For this, the condition of the person is considered to be inner-self. A person can get this happiness under the following conditions:

1. In the state or condition of the planets due to which this yoga is being formed, a person acquires a building or land.

2. The presence of Venus in the Mahadasha of the Moon benefits to land and building.

3. The presence of Venus in the Mahadasha of Mars has the benefit of land and building.

4. In the Mahadasha of Guru, a person gets an old house or is renovated in the aspect of Saturn.

5. A person attains the happiness of a house in the Mahadasha or Antarash of Chaturthi, Mars, or Saturn.

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