Holi celebration in different parts of India

Holi is the most enjoyable and most colorful festival in India. This festival is not only celebrated in India but different parts of the world also. People organize many plans especially for the festival celebration.

But, do you know there are many ways to celebrate this festival in the different parts of India.

Let’s go on a tour to know how different parts of India celebrate the festival.

  • Lathmaar Holi – Barsana
    This type of Holi is celebrated especially in Barsana, Mathura. Not just with colors, women here celebrate the Holi with lathis, and try to beat their husbands with their lathis. Men defend themselves with a shield.

  • Hola Mohalla – Punjab
    This festival is celebrated in Punjab by Nihang Sikhs. They perform their martial arts techniques and sing on the day. This festival is celebrated just a day before Holi.

  • Yaosang – Manipur
    In Manipur, Yaosang is the type of festival which is celebrated for six days. The traditions performed in the festival is a combined mixture of Hinduism and their local traditions. Manipuri Folk dance is the main highlight of the festival named as Thabal chongba. The people their celebrate it with colors also to maintain uniformity.

  • Manjan Kuli – Kerala
    Holi is not much popular in Kerala, but it is celebrated by some communities. It is celebrated in Konkani temple of Gosripuram Thirumala.

  • Phaguwa – Bihar
    In Bihar, people call it Phaguwa in their local language. They also celebrat Holika Dahan before playing holi. They use water and gulal to celebrate the festival. Folk songs played there completes the festival celebration.

  • Phakuwah – Assam
    It is the name of Holi in Assam. As others it is a two day festival. On first day, they burns clay huts signifying the Holika Dahan. And then, they celebrate it with colors the next day.

On this enjoyable day, we wish you a very happy Holi and hope you enjoy this day.

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