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Should marriage enough to be done only after matching the horoscope?

Should marriage enough to be done only after matching the horoscope?

Marriage is considered to be the beginning of a new life and the chances of marriage are generally assessed by matching the gunas i.e. Ashtakoot. In Guna matching, Ashtakoot i.e. Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Planet Friendship, Gana, Bhakoot and Nadi are matched. In this, all the 8 categories have been given properties from 1 to 8. On the basis of these there are 36 qualities. It is generally considered auspicious to have 24 or more gunas. However, the question arises whether the mere matching of qualities is sufficient for the most important event of life, from which the foundation of a whole future generation is laid?

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What things should be analyzed in the horoscope of the potential bride and groom before marriage?

Manglik Dosha: Apart from these 36 qualities, Manglik Dosh is also considered in the horoscope. Although it is common to have Manglik Dosh in the horoscope, but the presence of Mars in some houses can have serious consequences. There can be many yogas for cancellation of Manglik dosha in the horoscope. Ascendant, Sun and Moon: Apart from matching the qualities, the ascendant of the horoscopes of the potential bride and groom is also seen. For mutual harmony, their lagna should be friends and not enemies. Apart from this, Sun and Moon should be analyzed in detail for a good married life. First House: This house tells about the nature and personality of the person. The study of the first house shows whether the boy and the girl will be able to walk step by step with each other. Second house: This is the house of family and speech. This will tell you how the person will speak and how they will behave in the house. If both of them have a harsh speech, then their life may be full of discord. So this would not be a good pairing. Fourth House: It is the house of happiness and domestic contentment. For the success of any marriage, the domestic environment is assessed by this house. Seventh House: This is the house of marital happiness, life partner. This house should not suffer in the horoscope of both. This will ensure their happy married life. Eighth House: It is the house of character and property of life partner. Good character is essential for a happy married life. 12th house: This is the house of expenditure. If both the boy and the girl have the habit of spending more, then they will not have any money left for difficult times. In such a situation, at least one should have the habit of saving.

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