Vat Savitri Vrat and method

Importance of Vat Savitri fasting

As it is known from its story that this festival gives a message to support your life partner in every situation. This is known from the fact that there is so much power in the woman that she can bring her husband’s life back from Yamraj also. At the same time, the supporting of father-in-law and wife’s duty also comes from this festival. It is believed that on this day, fortunately women keep this fast for their husband’s long life, health and progress and to get motherhood.

Wat Savitri fast worship method

In Vat Savitri fast, worship of Satyawan-Savitri and Yamraj is worshipped along with the tree of the banyan tree. It is believed that Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh all the three Devas in Vata Vriksha. So all the desires are completed by sitting in front of the tree. Suhagan women should wake up in the morning after bathing on the Savitri festival. After this take a bamboo basket filled with sand and set the idol of Savitri with the statue of Brahmadev in it. Similarly, in the second basket, the statues of Satyawan and Savitri. Put both baskets under the tree of the Vat and worship the idols of Brahmadev and Savitri. Then worship the statues of Satyanav and Savitri and give water to the tree. For worshiping banyan tree, offer water, flowers, roli-mauli, raw yarn, bhiga gram, molasses etc. and perform Jalabhishek. Wrap around the trunk of the tree tie the thread thread three times. After this, women should listen to the story of Vat Savitri fast. After listening to the story, remove the offerings of chana soaked and give some money on it to your mother-in-law. Those women who are away from their mother-in-law, send them to Prasad and take their blessings. After completion of the pooja, donate clothes and fruits to the Brahmins.

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