What are the benefits of the turtle ring?

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People wear many gemstones and yantras in their fingers to eliminate the bad effects of the ominous  planets. Nowadays, people are wearing a turtle ring in fingers rather than any gemstones. But why the turtle ring is worn.
Turtle ring is viewed as very favorable ring in the astrology field. Wearing the ring, it can remove or protect us from bad effects of many planets. Turtle is viewed as an image of advancement and success. It is trusted that the turtle was born from the ‘Samudra Manthan’.
Turtle is viewed as an image of Goddess Lakshmi of riches. Consequently this animal is an image of progress and success. The ring is made of silver in the ring.
– The turtle ring should be made and worn so that the head of the turtle should to be towards the person wearing it.
– With the wrist ring in the center or middle finger of the hand is propitious. At the time of wearing, the day should be Friday. Friday is devoted to Goddess Lakshmi.
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